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July 15, 2009


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The Incredible Woody

Dear God - poor you! Do I need to come up there and 'assist' with these people???


You are being very patient...realy...not sure I could do this.

I remember one time, while in the dentist chair and under gas...I heard my dentist say, looking at my tennis bracelet...she should have spent that on her teeth! I never went back to him, but saw his partner...


I dont understand .. you dont live in a backwater town, you dont live is a third world country. WHY could you not get in to see a dentist, get a referral and get treated w/o all this nonsense? I would be for sure whining to my dental insurance co. and anyone else who'd listen. I have had many root canals and never once was I asked if I wanted it pulled or saved ... in my entire life I have seen only 4 dentists and not a single one of them has ever advocated an extraction over a save/root canal.

noble pig

Wow, they seriously dropped the ball! I can't believe that!

Mental P Mama

Good Lord. I hope it comes out well;)


Aw Honey... Like I told you last week, they need to be canned and a letter writing campaign started. You've been far too nice when faced with their incompetence and a tooth that is on the brink.

There is just no excuse.


That is just crazy the run around they are giving you. Have you called the dental insurance co? I'd give them a good chewing out.


Can't say that I blame you! Yikes!

BTW, called my allergist today (AGAIN) now 3 weeks after blood work...left my name and number for call back.



That's insane!!!!!!! Anything tooth related makes my stomach curdle!!! I hope it gets worked out soon!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I cannot tolerate dental HMOs. That's what my husband's work offers, so we pay for a private plan through AFLAC.

Reimbursement rates are so low through traditional dental plans that the dentists that work for the HMOs are never very good--it's truly a sorry state of affairs.

I read Deb's comment and have to say that I've spent way more than the cost of a nice tennis bracelet on my teeth--though my problem is periodontial is definitely genetic.

Good luck!

cosmetic dentist pasadena

Yeah right! you are so patient, I don't think I could do that thing.


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