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July 31, 2009


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I swear the sun fried my brain this week... I totally forgot about the BBQ until i was sitting at the pub tonight.

I suck.


I hope a cool front soon comes through Seattle.

I took Percacet once and will never take it again as I too, experienced very strange days.


Some drugs are your friend, Percacet is not. Gawd forbid there's a next time but if it happens .. ask for Emprimum w/Codiene ..

noble pig

Poor thing...but percocet was all that saved me. I almost died without it!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

It's too bad the timing on the visit wasn't better--the solution to a slow recovery is a week in bed. I speak from personal and painful experience.

It sounds like you made the best of it though.


I hope your tooth gets better soon! I love Percacet ;0)


YIKES! Hope you get better soon and the wound heals quickly. Happy Belated Anniversary! and yay for vacations!

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