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July 13, 2009


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Mental P Mama

Oh no! I'm scared to ask my kids that!


OK, I'm game. But it may take me a while to do so. Someone tagged me to do 25 random things and I just posted it months later...

noble pig

"I'm a brat you love me anyway"....Bwahahahahahaha!


Good choices, I too look forward to their replies.. your's rocks!


Liked DD's response. And you know, your worst parenting moment is so NOT terrible. I'm impressed. Seriously, I was spanked maybe four times growing up and Ir emember all of them and why it happened. One was for cutting open my stuffed animals with a butcher knife. Of course that was wrong, and I was punished nad you know what, I am a well adjusted adult, with a full time job and a college education. I'm not a sociopath.

Good for you for that being the worst thing you could've done. You're raising some awesome kids.

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