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June 23, 2009


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The Incredible Woody

I think we all have this type of inattention during the warm weather. I know outside just calls my name. So computer time takes a back burner:(

But don't feel bad. We miss you but would rather you be out enjoying your life. Just don't forget about us!!

Mental P Mama

Fun stuff! I want to read Water for Elephants...I never read fiction, but I think I'll put this on my list. Nice to catch up;)


So that's what you've been up to!
I've missed you, but I know you've been busy. TOG and I were at the pub the day the library opened. Several patrons had gone and said it was lovely.
Are we still on for taking the baroness to the pub on the 15th?
Take more pictures!

noble pig

Yeah the Harry Potter books you can't put down! Enjoy your time and good for you on weight loss!


Loved Water for Elephants .. have you read Time Traveler's Wife or The Magician's Assistant .. you should


You have been a reading fool! and yes, you have put me to shame...I'm reading two books now, Deception Code by Dan Brown and a Nora Roberts book, Vision in White. I need to get on the ball now! Thanks for the inspiration!
I read Elephants for Water...really a good book and surprise ending.

Snooty Primadona

You do sound terribly busy! But just remember how dull it will be when the kids are all gone. Enjoy them while ye may!

I'm still trying to finish Twilight, lol.

Just remember that we're all busier in the summer months. It's okay. We'll be here when you are ready to make a comeback...

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I love Revolutionary Road--I thought it was an indication of how good the writing was that I could relate, in a small way, to people that I am soooo not like.

I belonged to Curves for a while when I was first starting to work out and it was really good to get me in the habit of exercise. Now I have the exercise habit, but the eating thing is totally off the rails. Any weight lost is a good thing--keep it up.


Really like Memory Keeper's Daughter. You're right, heartbreaking but good. And Water For Elephants...oh my...that book is still in my heart.

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