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May 27, 2009


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AWESOME!! i am grabbing your url and linking you up right now!

i am so glad that you enjoyed the swap and that you connected the fun girl i matched you with, it is always nice when that happnes.

come by my blog i have a new poll on my sidebar and i am trying to decide if my swap at the end of june will be a red, white and blue swap or another favorite things swap...i would love your vote!

Amy @ Five Flower Mom

YEAH! What un!

Amy @ Five Flower Mom

Woops that would be FUN!!!!


FUN! I thought about doing that, but didn't have the time. Next time, I'm in!


You did well .. I participated in the last one and my swap partner did far better than I .. moving along here . what is the thing labeled 'spare parts'?


Awesome! You got some great things! I love the notecards and I bet that Scentsy bar smells delish!! You're right, perfect for summer! I saw the package you sent and loved the things you included!

Mental P Mama

Wow! You hit the motha lode!

Snooty Primadona

You made quite a haul there! How fun! I love the Stride gum too...

Angela @ Hello Dahrlin'

Awesome! Wasn't this so much fun!?


That's some awesome swag you scored!


I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy you liked everything!!!!!!! And you're so funny, making my disgusting, hideous wrapping job look better, haha!!!


that's great! this swap was a ton of fun...

Beautiful Japanese Teens

I should email my pal about it.

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