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April 08, 2009


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Yes, but does it eat bugs?
The Old Goat is like Handyman... capable of nurturing any house plant and causing the to grow and flower. I try to avert my eyes, lest I give them "the glance of death"!


It does eat bugs! Not through the winter, but when the weather is nice and it sits outside it eats whatever bug lands in the trap. We have noticed that the bug has to be alive to trigger the trap to close though.

The Incredible Woody

The trick is having it's own personal sunshine right beside it;)


So who are you feeding it with? I guess he likes that window/light ...


I don't think I ever had one in the house so I am clueless on this subject. But do tell us if they eat a bug or two...I'd be interested to know.


Wow, that looks like one happy plant. I think I had one years ago and it died after only a few weeks. Good job Handy Man.

phd in yogurtry

What a fascinating plant. I've never tried to grow something this exotic. Handy Man = Green Thumb!

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