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April 25, 2009


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noble pig

No on the coffee cup upside down but yesterday I squeezed ketchup into my coffee instead of on the plate. Ewww.

The Incredible Woody

I'm SO glad you found a doctor that you like. Good luck with the blood pressure thing - I'm in the same boat:(

I'm cleaning out the closet this weekend. If it doesn't fit or looks like a grandma, it's going to the Goodwill!!

phd in yogurtry

It's wonderful when you find a doc you like. I feel same about your ob.gyn office and primary care doc. What type of exercise shall you seek? Pick something you'll enjoy, rather than something you'll keep dreading.

Snooty Primadona

You know, after years of going to a male doctor, I finally made the switch to a woman and I experienced the same thing. NO PAIN! Now I don't dread going for Pap smears. I feel like I was *violated* for years!

Good luck on the office cleaning. I always just wind up cramming all the junk into whatever cubbyhole I can find, then can't find anything when I need it.


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