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April 26, 2009


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will you come to my house now??? :) great job!



noble pig

Awesome. I used to have a room like that until I couldn't take it it's the garage! UGH!

Mental P Mama

When can you get here?

phd in yogurtry

Nice job!! You accomplished what I only dreamed of doing this weekend.

I did, however, make the winter/spring clothing switch, or most of it, plus have a laundry basket full of Goodwill donations, so that is something. I removed a few containers from the family room. That's about it. But again, something is better than nothing. So I won't fall into the temptation of dogging myself too hard by comparison to your Herculean accomplishment.


Great job! I bet your brain feels alot more open!

The Incredible Woody

Can you be here next weekend? I have a junk room too!


LOOOOOOOOOVE the transformations!!! I am such a sucker for makeovers, great job!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Organizing makes me soooo happy. It looks great.

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