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April 16, 2009


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Friends with a home in CT were renting it but after the last tenant sublet it to someone else without notifying my friends they decided it was easier to close it up for the winter and re-open it and use it in the summer ...

We have my parents condo in FL which we pay maintenance and taxes and yearly condo assessments .. sigh .. we put it on the market right before Katrina and the 3 subsequent hurricanes that put South Florida real estate into the toilet ... and the rules of the condo only permit rental for 4 weeks . .no one goes to FL for just 4 weeks in the winter ... so it sits empty ..

And so I feel for you and with you ... good luck!

BTW .. did you if you buy a St Joseph statue and bury it upside down in the front yard the house will sell faster .. would I make this up ...

The Incredible Woody

Good luck! I hope everything just falls into place for you!


Good luck! And I'll have to try the statue on my gradnpa's house. My mom's trying to sell it.

Mental P Mama

Those are tough decisions...but I get such a kick out of our nice Jewish Girl Daryl knowing all about that St. Joe thing!

noble pig

I am currently trying to decide if we should rent our California house while we move to Oregon. We will not sell it until prices recover. I am afraid of the whole tenant thing, there are so many freaks out there. Most likely my house will remain empty, I don't think I can handle being a landlord.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

This market has got a lot of people having to make it up as they go. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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