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April 07, 2009


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I hope you figure out the depression thing. This winter was odd with all the snow. Maybe it more of an effect on you than rain and grey skies would have!
Glad your pants still fit. I can't say the same!


It was beautiful and almost 80 degrees here on Sunday and this morning I woke up to about an inch and half of snow on the ground :(

I truly believe I have some sort of seasonal depression or even lack of sunshine depression. I can tell I'm always in a better mood when the sun it even if it's cold out.

I hope everything goes well with your physical.

Enjoy the sun and the warmth :)


Recovering from a late nite out with MPM, TSAnnie and BHE ... can you say exhausted and its only Tuesday ...

I have been on HRT for a long time ... life is good ... I recommend it for what ails you IF you are indeed suffering from the M word

Mental P Mama

SAD can sneak up on you. I have the lights that help. But I am glad you are going to get to the bottom of it with your doc. There are so many things out there to help;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life

That's good news about the pants--I wish I could say the same.

It can be very difficult to detect hormonal changes with just one blood test as your levels can vary from day to day. Make sure they're open to testing a few times.


Glad your pants still fit.

Seasonal depression is no good. At least you've figured out what might be the cause and you're back on track. The worst part about letting things slide like that is it keeps getting worse and the worse it gets the less you want to tackle any project like laundry or house cleaning.

Enjoy the sunshine. I'm wearing a sweater and pants and socks because it's in the thirties. It'll be spring soon, right? 'cuase I miss the sun...

noble pig

Have you tried the tanning booth? Doesn't that help S.A.D.?

The Incredible Woody

I've always thought my problem with winter was not seeing the sun. I can handle cold, etc. But no sun sends me into the doldrums faster than a speeding bullet!


I suffer a touch from SAD. I was a happy camper this weekend with the gorgeous weather. Today? Not so great. Cloudy, windy, lovw 40's with a chance of snow flurries. And I was so ready to break out the flip flops.


Tam- whatever happened to those rose tinted glasses from Curtis??? What did we call them?

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