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April 23, 2009


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The Incredible Woody

I don't think those feet are bad looking at all!!

Snooty Primadona

Are you kidding me? You have lovely feet! My feet would make someone with a foot fetish gag! Maybe that's not exactly a bad thing, lol. But, I'd kill to have your feet, so watch out.



I laughed so hard I had an ab workout. All I can say is that we are own worst critics. Your feet are lovely as far as feet go! I have long skinny toes that could play piano!


You have a great feet. I thought for a second you were talking about hairy feet and I was all "I don't know that I'd share my hairy feet with the blogworld". Glad you're not THAT Frodo-like.

My feet tend to get really dry and the heels sometimes crack (I take better care of them than I used) in the summer. So, yeah, you got my feet beat. Although, throw your feet in some sassy strappy shoes and they will look smokin' hot. That's what I do. Oh yeah, and occasionally I treat myself to a professional pedi.

noble pig

I am laughing so hard at you two with these feet! Neither of you has bad feet!


Oh dear...I can't decide...I don't like feet under any circumstance, tho they DO make walking easier!


I am not a foot person so I refuse to say whose feet may be worse. Both are fine by me. My feet are for sure not the prettiest part of my anatomy either. But mine is the opposite, long, narrow and skinny. Everyone calls them built in skies.


You know I love feet, and I've done a lot of feet professionally so I have pretty good standards. Yours are quite nice. I know you may not think so, but I've seen much, much worse!

Yes, I'm still planning on tonight!


Oh Pshaw!!! Whatever, your feet are totally cute! At least your 2nd and 3rd toes aren't LONGER than your big toe! Love the nail polish colors! :)

Mental P Mama

You have cute feet! What I want to know is are you so flexible that you could take those side views?

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