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April 29, 2009


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Whew, I'm worn out.



That is how I feel this week.

Glad I was one of the blogs that you stopped by this morning. I feel privileged! ;0)


Holy toledo, that is quite a day. I'm impressed you manage all that. I do about HALF what you do, get up later and go to bed later and STILL I'm exhausted. Pretty impressive, Imom.


Yikes! I hate days that seem like they'll never end! You do a great job of handling everything. Thank goodness for Handy Man taking on that last journey!

Nice coffee mug!

noble pig

Holy crap, I'm tired! That's a lot of stuff and ummmm...who was driving during all that snap shotting??? Hmmm?


I am exhausted. But you seem to have it totally under control.


haha, I recognize that shirt in the laundry!!! Hmm, it looks to be a PJ shirt :)

Oh, and I'm exhausted just reading about your day.

The Incredible Woody

Good Lord, woman - I think I'd die if had to do that much in one day!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

How do you get up so early? Then again, sometimes I'm not asleep until 11:30.

Your job sounds perfect for a mostly SAHM.


Love your day, so funny! I got a kick out of the chicken nuggets for breakfast!

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