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March 25, 2009


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Oh that is a sweet face ... I want to scratch that head and rub his nose .. My Gus loves when I rub his nose ...


It's hard to turn that corner, huh? I almost flipped someone off yesterday but I reminded myself of how bad I would feel if I gave into that urge and that "dude, he's rackin' up some serious bad karma"!
So I'm glad you're back on track.
Be good to yourself!


That sweet face better make you smile! Staying positive is half the battle! I just learned that this week while struggling with my son. :0)

Mental P Mama

You. Go. Girl. And boys and their waste? Been there. So been there. Sigh.

The Incredible Woody

Giving the bird does feel good, doesn't it!!


How could that face not make you smile? ADORABLE!

I like how you're getting positive. That's great. Keep it up! And walking for 20 minutes? YOu kick butt!!!

AND...sometimes a little flip off is just what you need so that's still kinda positive.

noble pig

That face is cute.

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