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March 02, 2009


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Great, we barged on your date night. Now I feel like crap!
The beerfest pairing night was way sold out. TOG wanted me to go but I don't drink much beer either. I would have stayed on the cider!
You made my cakes look good!

The Incredible Woody

Good for you!! I wish I could say I have been as successful with my goals for the year:(

noble pig

Hey my kids could ride their bikes in there!


Great progress! Keep it up! Love the wide angle lens ;0)


Looks like you are making progress! I love your hardwood floors by the way and my living room is the same color...I love it! I will have to try that recipe if I can find it. I love salmon cakes and potatoes. What could be better?


I'm really impressed with all your goals. And I just love the conversation between you and your husband. "Why would I want to go?" "To be with me?" Brilliant. Love that he doesn't get it.

mrs. g.

I love your kitchen!

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