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March 26, 2009


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I hate the blehs...I've been fighting them all winter and it always seems to get worse this time of year when springs just about to break but not quite here yet. I know exactly how you feel. Good for you for knowing if it's not better in a couple weeks to make an appointment!
What do I do to fight them off? It's hard isn't it? I don't know...hang with friends who make me laugh if possible, revel in "chick flicks" (as my husband calls them) treat myself to little mini "spa" treatments like a bath bomb from LUSH or those little heat up feet and glove treatments from Bath and Body works (DIVINE BY THE WAY) little thing like's not much, but each little thing makes me happy and reminds me to take time for ME because I'm worth it! Something I tend to forget in the day to day...

Creating also plays a huge part in it for me...scrapping or altering something..making something that has no purpose what so ever than the process it takes to let my mind just do something creative...

Get better soon! (and check into those bath and body works booties and gloves...WELL worth it!)


Knowing where you are coming from, you should go see your physican now. Don't wait until after the outing. You can be feeling so much better by then with a little help from modern chemistry! Really! Take it from me...a little assistance with moods is nothing to feel bad about.

J Bar

Very dramatic.


There's no rush .. I can wait til Han blasts your blahs away ... I am going on a gal pal weekend at the end of April .. where are you going? We're going to South Beach .. which frankly I am not all that excited about ...


So sorry to hear the blehs are sticking. You've had a lot of changes recently and I think your psyche is going WHOA, even good change is unsettling. Writing it out helps me, I can feel the badness lifting as I write. Another big one is to try to find some way to shake up the routine, which can be as minor as running a different route or stopping at a coffee shop to read a good book in a new spot. I hope that helps, hang in there the women's weekend is coming soon!


Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with me!!

Stacie - I love and use Lush bath bombs! I haven't heard of the warm hand and feet treatments, but they sound heavenly.. I'll have to check them out. The chick flicks too help. Emma and I watched 27 Dressed yesterday and it really hit the spot.

Deb - I'm keeping a close eye on things and will intervene, medically, if it gets worse! I already take some herbal stuff, but only half the month, I can take it the whole month so I'm going to switch to that and see how it goes.

Daryl - Wouldn't it be great if Han could blast my troubles away?! I'm working on a couple things, but I'm not sure if they have your name on them or not. Neither one is done yet... I'll know more when they are finished. My friends own a wonderful place on Anderson Island in the very south end of Puget Sound. It's right on the beach and I love it there so much!

Jen - So true about shaking things up a bit. Even just changing my routine with the blog feels good. Writing must help too because I was so not planning on this post when it just "came out". I cannot wait for the weekend. I already have a shopping list made and I know exactly the bottle of wine I want to bring.. Now I just have to find where to buy it. I might have to take a trip to the Pike Place Market.

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