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March 27, 2009


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Mental P Mama

Beautiful! But watch out for that bamboo.... It'll take over the neighborhood!


Handy Man was right all along. Nice presentation of the before and after process. Enjoy your new scenery!


Fabulous .. may I borrow Handy Man? IF we had this sort of project it would still look like the first photo .. trust me ...


Gorgeous! I am so jealous of your beautiful yard. We want to do something similar in our front yard, only with a waterfall!


What a beautiful space! I feel ya, winter just seems to be hanging on EVERYWHERE! I also wanted to point out that most of your pics seem to be of Handy Mans bum. Show off. ;)


Did you do what all the Hollywood directors do and wet the pavement so it photographs better??? ;)
How are you feeling?


MPM - We (I mean Handy Man) lined the trench we planted the bamboo in, so it will only spread where we want it too.

Ebie - Thanks so much!

Daryl - Handy Man loves NY, he could probably be persuaded to stop in for some handy work, of course I would have to come too and we could hit the town while the guys "worked"!

Tracey - We have plans to put a waterfall in also and I can't wait! HM is going to build a bog filtration system for the pond that will have a small waterfall. I love water features in yards!

Meg - HM has a very nice bum! I like to share a good view!

Deb - We were having a summer shower that day, but it does look good all wet doesn't it. I'm doing ok, thanks! I'm not falling any further into the pit. I started my period again today after only 10 days, so that might have something to do with it!


it's beautiful!!

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