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February 10, 2009


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I haven't checked out a report card in awhile, but isn't all A's and B's a good thing?

Also, poor you and the grocery shopping. It's my biggest fear, that somehow my debit card got hijacked between checking my balance (oh yes, I ALWAYS check before I go shopping) and checking out at the store. I used to be a checkout clerk. It sucks for the people. Poor, poor you!


DD and my daughter must be one in the same when it comes to grades.

Yikes, about your CC!


Those grades must be tough to bear ;0) My son got his first C this quarter. *sigh* Nothing like a 6th grade boy.

Oh, and mine was rejected the other day too because the baking institution that shall remain nameless charged us our yearly fee of $99 and didn't bother to warn us it was coming.



Poor you! Poor Handyman! I don't think TOG and I could remember the check book on a bet. I remember when it was part of my wardrobe, and now... nothing!


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