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February 05, 2009


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are you kidding?? I'm proud of you for saying something to the worker..I would have said it too..and made him move that very instant..hehe..
OH..and DD is going to love that mixer..


Yikes! Sorry about the crappy stuff in your rant section...pun intended ;0)

It was like Christmas at Asthma girls! Lucky you. Give her a hug for me next time you are there!



I'm so grateful you gave my mixer a good home! And that candle... thank goodness it's out of the house!

Wonderful to see you as always! Thanks for livening up my Wednesday night!

And no, we can't do hair on Tuesdays at all. Not with your addiction to Idol and mine for Deadliest Catch!

noble pig

Wow, I need to get over to Diane's to see what she has for me!


I love my kitchenaid mixer and I'm going to have it cremated with me. As for the driveway incident, I would have said something too - I hate stupid people and that's just stupid. Case in point with cell phone drivers, I wish they'd start actually ticketing them. Thanks for stopping by my crazy corner!

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