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February 02, 2009


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LOL..your obsession with Pearl Jam and the message boards and chats is EXACTLY like my obsession was with the Rubberstamping messageboards and chats. I too was introduced to a whole new world and met some people that changed my life in ways at the time I had no idea could happen. It was a very cool experience. I miss some of those people to this day.



Ok, now I know what got everything started betweens Peeps and you.

I can't even remember the last time I was in a chatroom :(


I know what you mean about needing contact with other people, even if it's only virtual. I have a group of ladies I met online in a diet chatroom. Now I stay there for the friendship. I am on that site every single day. I've met 2 of them in real life and have plans to meet at least 5 of them this summer when we gather to run a 5K together. I'm very excited.

noble pig

I loved all the names even though I have no idea who they are!

The Incredible Woody

I saw Pearl Jam last year at Bonnaroo. It was their first festival since the unfortunate incident in Germany (?) where a couple of people were trampled at their show.

It was the perfect Southern night - cooling from the heat of the day but not cold, cloudless sky, full moon. And about 70,000 people, all in tune with the music.

It was honestly the most powerful show I have ever been to! Even today as I think about "Better Man" from that night, I get goosebumps. Even Eddie Vedder was moved during that performance - having to stop and regain his composure.

They were slated to play for 2 hours. They and the entire audience was having such a great time that they played for 3!!


:) good memories

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