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February 23, 2009


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First off, I really love your new background :)

I couldn't imagine the situation that you are in (have been in). I remember you telling breifly about it, but had no idea the details.

How sad it is for parents just to abandon their children. It really makes me angry and sad as well.

noble pig

OMG. I honestly don't even know what to say. Wow. You have to send that letter...they need to know. This is terribly sad. Kids like this often join the military to learn a trade and be taken care of. I just don't know what I would even do. You have a good heart for taking all of this on.


Tammy you and HM are amazing individuals. You have taken on an incredible responsibilty and are doing it admirably. DO NOT waver from that April 1st deadline!

Mental P Mama

Wow. I would have sent that letter. Registered. And the others may be right. Maybe the armed services are where he needs to be. He'll certainly learn how to take care of himself. God Blees you and your family. I could not do this.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

What an amazing thing you did--and do--even with the stress it has placed on your family. It does seem like the military--maybe the Coast Guard or Navy--would be a good choice for him. He needs a whole new start.

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