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January 28, 2009


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Oh I just love newly converted readers! J was the same way. He read, but not much and I started getting him reading books I really liked, like the Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and then he was off. He's really into Vonnegut and Chrisopher Moore (I love Christopher Moore he is so funny). It's fabulous 'cause now we read together!

Good for your husband!


At last, something W did right!

I should probably thank him too. Your Geeky Guy reading is the equivilent of TOG's fascination with MSNBC money news and all the other investment/economic programs he watches every day. When I'm home, I get to listen to him yell at the money guys about the economy and the stock market. This may be an improvement over listening to him yell during sporting events.

noble pig

That's so wonderful. It is through passion that insights change. Good for him.


I watched the HBO miniseries "John Adams" and it prompted me to buy the book it was based on:

Fascinating stuff there - he might want to give it a try!

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