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January 19, 2009


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Wow. Love your scrapbook and your passion about Pearl Jam - it's great to read about! I guess it's kind of that way with us and the motorcycle scene. We have a couple we're great friends with who are in their late 20's and we have so much in common! We enjoy going to motorcycle rallies and gawk at all the leather and tattoos and the uninhibited joy people have over their bikes. Kinda the same - but not.


How exciting! I love that you made scrapbook pages of it as well, that is too cool! I went to my first long awaited concert (not my first concert, but the first I was REALLY excited about) this year and I haven't made any pages of it yet, but I really need to!.. This is soooooo cool!

I've tried to visit your blog before, but the link from your comments on my blog took me to a blank page so I just thought you didn't have one. I tried again today and here I am. So glad I did. I'll be back to check it out more indepth soon.

Thanks for visiting, and I'm going to have fun getting to know you!



My hubby loves Pearl Jam! The scrapbook pages are awesome! I just got the print back from the lab and will be framing it and packaging it tomorrow. It should mail out on Wednesday! Sorry it took so long! I hope you like it when you get it! *smooch*

noble pig

You truly love them. That's very cool. What a great time you had and you lived through it! Yahoo!


First of all I just want to say that YOU made Shasha a Pearl Jam fan! And for that... I am forever grateful! Second of all, I about teared up reading this because it brought back so many great times we had! We were concert going fools back then! You must right about Live, Chris Cornell & Cheap Trick!! And don't forget Spoon MAN!! Love ya!


I mean write! LOL

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