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January 18, 2009


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Why are they so flippin' cute? Why?

And are they eating mac and cheese AND cheetos?

noble pig

Were they eating cheese puffs with a fork? Looks like a success!


I love the amount of cheese! They all look like they're having a great time. Glad it was a success!


They are flippin' cute aren't they?!

Dancing Daughter's two favorite foods are cheese and pasta. When we were deciding what to serve for dinner at her party she was undecided until I suggested I make homemade Mac & Cheese. For snack foods she selected two kinds of Cheetoes. I put out carrots. (had to have something healthy!)

So that's what they are eating... Mac & Cheese and Cheetoes! She also requested Meatballs and Little Smokies! Gotta love party food!


Yay that looks like fun! Yes - what cute girls!! And I'm drooling over your Pampered Chef casserole dish. Mine of 16 years that was sufficiently brown got broken a couple of years ago and I am so not in love with the pyrex replacement I have. How can someone get so attached to a cooking dish?

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