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January 20, 2009


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I've had the pregnant dream a few times. What a relief to wake up!

I'm so going to be there with you watching (in spirit). What a joyful, memorable day this will be!


When I have vivid dreams - sometimes I check out for some type of interpretation. Here's what it says about the pregnant dream.

To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal.

But yeah, like you, that would be more a nightmare than a dream. Shudder.

I'm interested in Obama's speech tonight also. Although I wasn't an Obama supporter, I'm becoming more excited about him. He seems extremely intelligent and thorough and I feel confident that he will scrutinize the details of any issues he tackles or reforms. Afterall, like McCain said in his concession speech - he's MY President now.


I think he's very pragmatic and I like that. I also think he's a natrual leader. And I like his ease, smarts and thoughfulness. A cool head indeed.

I really do have high hopes!


What, you don't remember that party where we hosted your class reunion? Chalk it up to one too many whiskey and tonics, it was a great party.


I've had pregnant dreams before. But, I'm young and childless so I get REALLY freaked out. I mostly dream about my boyfriend's ex and him going back to her. Weird.

Have fun watching the speech! I DVRed so I can't wait to get home and check things out.

noble pig

Wow, that is some crazy stuff...the Blue Angels...doing a fly-by outside the ballroom? Awesome.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

This is so strange--I had a dream that I went into menopause and was so upset that I could not have another baby. Given that I definitely do not want a baby (at 44 and about to start an actual career!), I'm not sure what that was all about!

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