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January 21, 2009


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The Incredible Woody

She has either done something or wants to do something!! That is just not natural behavior for a teen!!


She understands that you're going to blog everything she does from now on, right?
I'd be scared too. She's what... 14? Not yet old enough to be recovered from the teenage hormones.
Enjoy it while it lasts!

Thursdays work for me right now. I bought you some shampoo yesterday.


So what gives? Any explanation for the odd behavior? Some new, expensive gadget she wants? A weekend excursion she and her friends will need chauffering to??? You must get to the bottom of this!

Also, I LOVE Pearl Jam, too!!! :D


Weird. I mean, as an adult I can fully appreciate the somewhat "nesting instinct" she's throwing out there, but she's a teenager. Listen, if it is aliens can you have them abduct my sister, too? 'Cause I'm the only one the does dishes in our house.


I think you should do a DNA swab to confirm she actually is your daughter. Yes, I think there may have been an alien switch here.

Or... something's up. She's buttering ya up for something - a request she knows you'll usually veto?

Or maybe she just knows how hard you work and wants to help out. Bwahahaha. Yeah, I know.


I hope she's not up to something? Are reports coming out this week?

Hopefully, she's just doing it just to help you out around the house and nothing more.

noble pig

Oh crap, what could be up with this. I hope nothing but Oh ma gawd you are going to be up all night.


Revision. TOG is working the next 8 days, so even early next week would work!

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